Military Wokeness Advocacy

We're deeply concerned about the recent policy change that allows transgender individuals to serve in the military. This decision puts the safety of our female soldiers at risk, as they may be forced to share intimate spaces like showers and bedrooms with male soldiers who identify as female. It's a dangerous and reckless policy that violates the privacy and undermines the effectiveness of our military.

This policy change is part of a broader effort to push transgender ideology and undermine traditional gender roles in the military. The left's radical "woke" agenda is infiltrating our armed forces, and it's putting our national security at risk. Moreover, the cost of medical treatment for transgender individuals could be a massive drain on our military's already stretched resources, limiting our ability to protect the nation. We can't let this happen. 

That's why we're urging you to join us in pushing back against this dangerous policy. By signing our petition, you're taking a stand for the safety and effectiveness of our military. We must ensure that our military remains a strong and effective force, and that its policies prioritize the well-being of all service members. Thank you for your support.


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