March 3, 2023


U.S. Air Force personnel were recently removed from duty following a failed nuclear inspection, reports the Washington Examiner.

But don’t worry: soldiers are using the “right” pronouns; are increasingly diverse in sexual orientation, race and gender; and are well-versed in critical race theory (CRT).

While the details of the failed inspection remain unclear, it is clear, however, that there were serious and potentially catastrophic shortcomings in the handling and maintenance of dangerous American nuclear weapons.

A former U.S. Airman spoke exclusively with Secure America Now and says these tests are so simple that he passed them perfectly during his tenure. Their failure is not a good sign.

“This is another case in a mounting pile of evidence that the military is distracted, unfocused, and not paying enough attention to mastering the military fundamentals needed to fight and win a war,” says the Airman.

The failure to properly handle highly sensitive and potentially catastrophic weapons precisely highlights how “woke” Department of Defense policies prioritizing racial diversity, gender-inclusivity and CRT have potentially pushed robust training, oversight, and accountability measures within our military to the wayside.

This incident is not the first of its kind under Obama-era “woke” military policies.

There have been several high-profile cases of nuclear weapons mishandling within the U.S. military, including a 2013 incident in which officers were found to have cheated on proficiency exams and a 2014 incident in which a nuclear missile was accidentally transported across several states without proper authorization.

These incidents are unequivocal evidence of a military that is losing its exceptional strength and discipline amid the growing presence and breadth of “woke” Obama- and Biden-era defense policies. 

As a country, we have long prided ourselves on the strength and professionalism of our military, and any sign of weakness or decline in these areas should be cause for concern.

Instead, our “woke” liberal leaders continue to prioritize the meaningless standards of identity politics.

While these policies cannot currently be pinned as a direct cause of these particular mishandlings, we do know one thing for sure: 

Instead of swiftly acting to mitigate the potential for it to happen again, “woke” Pentagon leaders are concerned with soldiers using the “right” pronouns, if too many white men are serving, and whether or not everyone’s sufficiently recognizing their white privilege.

It’s time we start investing the proper resources in fundamental training and oversight, and implementing stricter accountability measures to further the U.S. military’s combat readiness; not the meaningless agenda of “wokeism.”

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