February 9, 2024

Iran capable of building nuclear bomb in one week, report finds as Middle East tensions flare

Anders Hagstrom | Fox News

An Iran watchdog group says the country has enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear weapon in just one week.

The Institute for Science and International Security published the findings in a report on Monday, saying Tehran could produce a total of six bombs in a month.

"The volatile situation in the region is providing Iran with a unique opportunity and increased internal justification for building nuclear weapons while the United States and Israel’s resources to detect and deter Iran from succeeding are stretched thin," the report states. "Iran's nuclear weapons capabilities are more dangerous than they have ever been, while its relations with the West are at a low point."

Iran can "break out and produce enough weapon-grade enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in a week, using only a fraction of its 60% enriched uranium," the report continued. "This breakout could be difficult for inspectors to detect promptly, if Iran took steps to delay inspectors’ access."

An Iran watchdog group says the country has enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear weapon in just one week. (Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

Iran has been steadily growing its ability to produce enriched uranium in recent years. The substance needs to be enriched to roughly 90% before being used in a nuclear weapon. Iran has an extensive supply of 60% enriched uranium that could quickly be siphoned off and enriched further.

The report comes as tensions in the Middle East continue to skyrocket. Iran's proxy terrorist groups have launched missiles into Israel and attacked U.S. forces operating in Iraq, Syria and the Red Sea.

The U.S. Navy has shot down numerous anti-ship ballistic missiles launched by incoming Iran-backed Houthi missiles in the Red Sea.

President Biden's administration says it is working to prevent Israel's war against Hamas from spilling over into a regional conflict. Nevertheless, the U.S. has carried out a series of airstrikes against the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen and other groups.

The uptick in U.S. strikes came after three American service members were killed in a drone attack on a base in Jordan in late January.

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