March 10, 2023

How the Biden Administration Abets the Enemies of Democracy

The Biden Administration continues to abet Ukraine's aggressors, Iran and Russia, while trying to uphold America's international image as a freedom-fighting nation by sending billions of American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

If Joe Biden truly cares about Ukraine, then why is he continuing to embolden its aggressors?

Iran is a key ally of Russia and has been aiding them in the slaughter of innocent Ukrainians. 

The Biden Administration refuses to take action against Iran, which ultimately enables Russia's aggression towards Ukraine. 

Is President Biden really acting in the best interest of democracy if he is enabling some of its strongest adversaries?

If Joe Biden truly cares about democracy, then it is imperative that he not only stops abetting Iran and the Russian regime but also takes action against them. 

The American taxpayer should not be treated like a keg tapped at both ends, with their money being used to fund a never-ending fight against democracy. 

It is time for the Biden Administration to take a clear stance and prioritize the defense of democracy—if that is truly its intention.

It is time to demand action against Iran. 

By signing the petition to stop Iran and demanding action against democracy’s aggressors, we can make our voices heard and demand that President Biden take action to protect democracy and stand up for what is right. 

It's time for the Biden Administration to do the right thing and truly fight to put an end to the suffering of innocent Ukrainians.

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