March 3, 2022


Secure America Now commissioned a poll to gauge the sentiment on Joe Biden's potential new Iran Deal. The poll was conducted by President Trump's former pollster, John McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates. The poll was in the field from February 16th through 22nd with voter profile available here.

The poll revealed a stark contrast to what the current administration wants you to believe. With his low approval rating, the American people do not trust President Biden to negotiate a deal with Iran that would prevent them from developing nuclear weapons.

In fact, voters want Congress to enforce the Iran Nuclear Review Act of 2015 that requires congressional approval of any new deal with Iran. Voters go further to indicate that they will follow through with this view at the polls. Candidates beware: voters will remember where you stand with the Iran deal next election.

There is an overwhelming feeling among respondents that the Biden Administration will not reveal the full details of any deal reached. They want transparency and they want the Senate to force disclosure of all elements of the deal.

Regarding the threats we face as a nation, the voters spoke clearly that Iran is the bigger threat. Iran's nuclear weapons stand alone when compared to the Russia invading Ukraine. Giving nukes to an Ayatollah who funds terrorism worldwide is the biggest threat to our security.

When dealing with Iran, the American people favor the big stick rather than the carrot. They want an increase of sanctions with a backing of military action if that fails.

While the details of the current potential deal remain hidden by the administration, voters know that inspections are a weak enforcement mechanism for preventing nuclear development. Iran will lie, cheat, and con their way past international inspections.

The facts remain. We must stop Iran. President Biden is negotiating from a point of concession and isn't taking the threat of Iran seriously.

We are days away from another bad deal. It's time to return to the Maximum Pressure Campaign. Take action now and sign our petition.

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