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Key Iran Deal Facts:
  • Billions of dollars of sanctions relief awarded to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism
  • Lifted arms embargo for Iran that allow them to export weapons in a dangerous region
  • Loss of anytime, anywhere inspections of Iran’s military facilities
These three key concessions of the Iran deal pave the way for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. It is now up to Congress to put an end to this detrimental deal. Congress MUST stop this bad Iran deal. Call your Senator now and tell them to stand up for America and strike down this bad deal with Iran. 

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Don’t let history repeat itself!

In 1938, Prime Minister Chamberlain made a deal promising peace with Hitler. Months later Hitler invaded Poland. In 1994, President Clinton struck a deal with our enemy, North Korea, allowing them to obtain nuclear weapons. And now in 2015, President Obama and John Kerry struck a detrimental deal with Iran.

We've seen deals like this in the past. Deals promising peace but resulting in war. We cannot let history repeat itself! Why do Obama and John Kerry think that this deal will have a different outcome? Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. They refer to Israel as "Little Satan" and the United States as "Big Satan." They continually chant “death to America” and burning our flag in rallies to celebrating the recent deal.