Bahrain agrees to normalize relations with Israel, Trump announces

Bahrain has joined the United Arab Emirates in striking an agreement to normalize relations with Israel, President Donald Trump said on Friday, a dramatic move aimed at easing tensions in the Middle East.

Fauci responds to Woodward reporting on Trump: ‘I don’t recall that at all’

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday shot down journalist Bob Woodward’s reporting that he once said President Trump was “unfocused in meetings” and that “his sole purpose is to get re-elected” — saying he doesn’t “recall that at all.”

As Joe Biden Condemns Rioters And Looters, Kamala Harris Continues To Support Group That Bails Out Suspected Violent Criminals

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris continues to actively raise money for a Minnesota group that has bailed out several suspects charged with violent felonies, including murder and sex crimes.

Biden Has a Serious Credibility Problem in Asia

U.S. allies have grown comfortable with Trump and his tough approach to China—and are anxious about a Biden victory.

China slaps restrictions on US diplomats' movements as tensions grow

China's Foreign Ministry said it had sent a note announcing "reciprocal restrictions" on the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and American consulates across the country. The changes will apply to all senior diplomats and personnel at the U.S missions.


Thank you, Bryan, for submitting Arthur "Bunky" Woods to be featured as Secure America Now's Veteran of the Week!

"Arthur Woods or as we know him Bunky was an ARMY Ranger. He served for 7 years, until he was shot and paralyzed in Iraq. Bunky didn’t let it slow him down. Learning new languages, and a smile on his face whenever I saw him. He doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but is a true inspiration to anyone who knows him. I met Bunky through his father, while doing some work at his house. When you talk to him, you feel as if you’ve known him forever. Not just a likable guy, a true genuine person. Who I am honored to call a friend!"

Thank you, Arthur, for your service!

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