‘Squad’ Backs Bill to Gut Police, End Prisons

Two leading progressive House Democrats on Tuesday endorsed a proposal to radically overhaul the criminal justice system by dismantling policing and incarceration in the United States.

Biden Flips — Takes Radical Stance On Defunding Police

Joe Biden called for defunding police in a Wednesday interview with outlet “Now This” where he said that police have “become the enemy.”

Pelosi on Christopher Columbus statue destruction: 'People will do what they do'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday declined to admonish protesters in her native city of Baltimore who pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and then tossed the monument into the city’s Inner Harbor.

Seattle City Council Backs Call to Defund the Police by 50%

A veto-proof majority of the Seattle City Council backed a proposal Thursday to defund the Seattle Police Department by 50% — including a proposal to remove 911 dispatchers from police control and to “imagine life beyond policing.”

Trump says Joe Biden ‘plagiarized’ his new economic plan

President Trump on Friday said his Democratic rival Joe Biden “plagiarized” his new “Buy American” economic plan.

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Country music legend Charlie Daniels passed away on Monday, July 6 in Nashville, TN. Famed for his song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", Charlie was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016. He was a key figure in the fight for awareness over the Obama/Clinton scandal in Benghazi by tweeting "Benghazi ain't going away" nearly every day. 

He was a country music legend and more importantly, a Patriot. Charlie Daniels' legacy will live on. #BenghaziAintGoingAway


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