Tulsa mayor declares civil emergency ahead of Trump rally, stragglers face arrest

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum, a Republican, declared a civil emergency Thursday and announced a curfew near the arena where Trump plans to hold a campaign rally on Saturday.

Albuquerque Will Send Social Workers Rather Than Cops To Some 911 Calls

The mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, announced that some 911 calls would be addressed not by police, but rather unarmed social workers, as he said he would create a new department to address such situations.

George Washington Statue Torn Down, Draped in Burning U.S. Flag

A statue of George Washington, the first president of the United States, was toppled by protesters and draped in a burning American flag in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday evening.

Seattle news crew attacked as police leave precinct, newly released video shows

A news crew from Fox's Seattle affiliate shared a video Wednesday from earlier this month of protesters verbally and physically attacking them after law enforcement officials abandoned the East Police Precinct.

Atlanta Police Continuing To Call Out Sick Over D.A.’s Decision To Charge Police Officer

Some police officers in the Atlanta Police Department are reportedly continuing to call out sick in protest of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard’s decision to file felony murder charges against former officer Garrett Rolfe.

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