Trump demands GOP call on Obama to testify

President Trump on Thursday escalated his attacks against former President Obama over what Trump has viewed as wrongdoing against his campaign by officials in the previous administration, saying that Republicans should call on the former president to testify.

Biden Is Weak on China

Joe Biden was a driving force behind giving China “permanent normal trading status” in 2000, which helped Beijing win admission to the World Trade Organization.

A generation unmasked

The furor over the maskless VE celebration highlights the forces driving this moment of national fear and submission.

New poll shows voters overwhelmingly blame China for coronavirus and seek retaliation

For some time now, prominent conservatives and Republicans have blamed the Chinese Communist Party for subjecting the world to the coronavirus through its negligence, deceit, and abuse. A new poll shows that voters agree.

Sen. Blackburn: Obama's DOJ carried out a 'taxpayer-funded conspiracy' against Flynn, Trump

Sen. Marsha Blackburn accused the Obama-era Department of Justice and the FBI of carrying out what was tantamount to a "taxpayer-funded conspiracy" against former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.

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Thank you, Robert, for your service!

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