Open Borders Coalition Demands All Illegal Immigrants Freed from Custody Over Coronavirus

Although there have been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus disease in federal immigration detention facilities, open borders groups are taking advantage of the health crisis to demand that all illegal aliens be immediately released from custody and into communities throughout the United States.

'Mr. No': Meet the U.S. congressman who might delay the coronavirus bill

U.S. Representative Thomas Massie enraged President Donald Trump as he has leaders of Congress worried he will delay a planned Friday voice vote on a $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic rescue plan, drawing calls from the White House to throw him out of the Republican Party.

Yes, Blame China for the Virus

A bungled response in Western countries is no reason to take the heat off China. If China had a different government, the world could have been spared this terrible pandemic.

The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Lies

A day-by-day, month-by-month breakdown of China’s coronavirus coverup and the irreparable damage it has caused around the globe.

Life-saving coronavirus bill delayed by Pelosi in despicable bid to score political points

President Trump has ordered a clampdown on price-gouging during the COVID-19 national emergency. “Very simply, we will not allow anyone to exploit the suffering of American citizens for their own profit,” Trump said Monday. “So we’re going to be watching that with our great attorney general very closely.”

Thank you to Chris Metcalf for submitting James Lapine to be featured as Secure America Now's Veteran of the Week!

"James served in the Army for almost 20 years if my math is correct. He joined the service right out of high school. While stationed in Germany he met his beautiful wife. Together they are raising 3 wonderful kids, the eldest son is set to graduate this year. If not for an IED he probably still be serving today. Like many, he saw his brothers injured and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is active in his community and is a good friend. He has reshaped himself after healing from his external wounds and fights to help his brothers of the Armed Services recognize their potential. He has done this by championing good health and by participating in the Spartan Challenges put on here in the Northwest. I am proud to call him my friend."

Thank you, James, for your service!

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