Mexico, US set up border inspections to stem flow of guns

U.S. and Mexican officials met Friday to establish inspection points to stop the flow of illegal weapons across their shared border.

Iran calls US foreign policy ‘delusional,’ Pompeo ‘a loudspeaker for bullying’

Iran has called US foreign policy “delusional” and its chief diplomat a “loudspeaker for bullying, deceit and disdain,” after Washington unveiled new sanctions against Tehran.

US watching North Korea closely for possible 'Christmas surprise' missile launch

The U.S. is watching North Korea for indications of a possible "Christmas surprise" missile test, The Associated Press reported on Friday.

Netanyahu says ICC makes Jewish rights to biblical Israel a war crime

Israel plans to push back against the “absurd” decision by the International Criminal Court: to turn the right of Jews to live in biblical Israel into a war crime, while ignoring the human rights abuses of countries like Iran, Syria and Turkey, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet at the start of its weekly meeting on Sunday.

Pelosi to Delay Sending Impeachment Articles to Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated Thursday that she would delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, seeking more clarity on the rules for President Trump’s trial and potentially pushing the proceedings well into the new year.


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Hunter’s most notorious foreign business involvement came in Ukraine from 2014 to 2019. His unique position as the son of the Vice President who was the point man for Ukraine under the Obama administration has raised serious concerns regarding a conflict of interest.


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