Israel normalizes ties with Bhutan

The countries’ foreign ministries held secret talks over the past year towards the goal of forging official ties, which included delegations between the two capitals Jerusalem and Thimphu.

Iran builds at underground nuclear facility amid US tensions

Iran has begun construction on a site at its underground nuclear facility at Fordo amid tensions with the U.S. over its atomic program, according to satellite photos obtained by The Associated Press on Friday.

Vice President Pence receives COVID-19 vaccine

Vice President Mike Pence received the COVID-19 vaccine on live TV Friday morning in a move designed to instill confidence in the American public that the newly approved shot is safe.

US to blacklist dozens of Chinese companies, Wilbur Ross says

The U.S. is preparing to place dozens of Chinese companies, including Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, on a trade blacklist, citing national security concerns, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Friday morning.

Foreign-backed hackers cracked US Treasury: report

Russia-backed hackers infiltrated internal email systems at the US Treasury and Commerce departments, spying on communications for months, according to reports on Sunday.


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