With Brutal Crackdown, Iran Convulsed by Worst Unrest in 40 Years

What started as a protest over a surprise increase in gasoline prices turned into widespread demonstrations met with a systematic repression that left at least 180 people dead.

Israel's defense minister calls for 'worldwide hackathon' for Iranian freedom to access social media

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Saturday called for a “worldwide hackathon” to help Iranian citizens whose Internet has been shut down by the government in response to ongoing protests over an increase in fuel prices.

Death toll put at 20 for Mexico cartel attack near US border

Mexican security forces on Sunday killed seven more members of a presumed cartel assault force that rolled into a town near the Texas border and staged an hour-long attack, officials said, bringing the death toll to at least 21.

New acting DHS Chief Chad Wolf tours new border wall as construction ramps up, calls it 'common sense’

As the Trump administration ramps up its efforts to build 450-500 miles of border wall by the end of next year, new Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf toured new construction this week, and declared that such efforts to combat illegal immigration are “common sense.”

How the toxic impeachment process is hurting long-term national security

Cable news shows spent countless hours in November wondering how the public testimony of national security officials will affect the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. But few are asking how these proceedings will affect national security in the long term.




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The United States Government wastes billions of taxpayer dollars every single year. For just a small fraction of what is wasted, President Donald Trump could build the much-needed border wall along the southern border to secure our country. Instead, the Democrats in Congress are blocking his $5 Billion request, and will instead waste the money.

10 things that cost more than the Border Wall