Mexican MS-13 gang member arrested crossing border into Arizona, was previously deported

A previously deported MS-13 gang member from Mexico has been arrested after border agents spotted the man illegally crossing into Arizona, officials said.

Pompeo warns of ‘decisive US response’ if Iran harms US troops or allies

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran and its leaders Friday of a “decisive U.S. response” if the regime or its militias harm American troops or allies in the region.

FBI arrests suspect linked to Jersey City shooter

FBI agents arrested Ahmed A-Hady of Keyport, New Jersey after his phone number was found on a handwritten note in the back pocket of one of the shooters who attacked a kosher grocery in Jersey City.

Hamas official threatens Israel, urges Palestinian reconciliation at mass rally

A senior Hamas official threatened Israel if it does not remove its blockade over Gaza amid reports of progressing efforts between the terror group and the Jewish state to achieve a long term ceasefire.

Partisan, Illegitimate Impeachment Is The True Threat To Democracy

Since the day of President Trump’s inauguration — when liberal activists launched impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org seconds after the president was sworn in — the Left has been utterly consumed with impeachment.





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Hunter’s most notorious foreign business involvement came in Ukraine from 2014 to 2019. His unique position as the son of the Vice President who was the point man for Ukraine under the Obama administration has raised serious concerns regarding a conflict of interest.


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