Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial on charge of inciting Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Former President Trump was acquitted in an unprecedented second impeachment trial on the charge of inciting an insurrection for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, making him the first and only president to be impeached and acquitted twice in history.

White House declines to say whether Israel is an 'important' ally

The White House Friday sidestepped a question on whether Israel and Saudi Arabia are "important allies" of the United States.

Iran: US must lift sanctions before it lives up to nuke deal

Iran’s supreme leader on Sunday urged the United States to lift all sanctions if it wants Iran to live up to commitments under its nuclear deal with world powers, state TV reported, but President Joe Biden says the U.S. won’t be making the first move.

Biden to slowly allow 25,000 people seeking asylum into US

The Biden administration on Friday announced plans for tens of thousands of people who are seeking asylum and have been forced to wait in Mexico under a Trump-era policy to be allowed into the U.S. while their cases wind through immigration courts.

Americans should be 'outraged' over Biden's immigration actions, 'dismantling' ICE: Maryland Sheriff

Maryland sheriff warned of President Joe Biden’s immigration actions on Monday, arguing that "Americans will not be safe" and "immigrant communities will not be safe."

Iran deepens breach of nuclear deal at underground enrichment site

Iran has deepened a key breach of its 2015 nuclear deal, enriching uranium with a larger number of advanced centrifuge machines in an underground plant as it faces off with the new U.S. administration on salvaging the accord.

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