President Trump will likely discuss immigration reform. He recently uncovered framework for immigration reform and border security.

  • He will Trump is expected to discuss a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million immigrants in the DACA and other programs.
  • He will also likely discuss his plan for security measures for the United States including $25 million for a border wall. 
  • Sanctuary cities is also an expected topic President Trump will touch on. Sanctuary cities create a real a threat to the safety and the well-being of Americans. These cities allow for illegal immigrants to commit crimes and get away with them. He will likely discuss preventative action against these illegal criminals. 


The Iran Deal

President Trump will likely discuss the FLAWED Iran Deal. Weeks ago, President Trump decided to waive sanctions on Iran for the last time. Congress has 120 days from the decision to fix these fatal flaws of the bad Iran Deal. When President Trump waived these sanctions, he agreed to sign a bipartisan bill if it included the following issues: 

  • Iran must allow immediate inspections at all sites requested by the IAEA. 
  • Iran will not possess a nuclear weapon.
  • Fix the "sunset flaw" by allowing the U.S. to snap back U.S. nuclear sanctions.
  • Iran's development and testing of missiles should be subject to severe sanctions. 


Tax Bill

Last December, President Trump passed a Tax Bill. Since his election, nation's markets market continues to hit a record high. It is expected for him to refer to the economic state of our country and the stock market. America's unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 2000. President Trump's economic plan has brought prosperity to millions of Americans. 



President Trump has announced a $1.7 trillion infrastructure investment plan and has stated that he plans to discuss the details during his speech.