The Obama administration agreed Friday to buy 32 tons of Iran’s heavy water, a key component in atomic-weapons development, a new gambit in a desperate White House effort to encourage Tehran to stick to the nuclear agreement reached last year. Click here to read more.


Cartoon Of the Week: 

Hillary taking money from Saudis 


North Korea Says Submarine Ballistic Missile Test ‘Great Success’

North Korea said on Sunday a submarine-launched ballistic missile test it conducted under the supervision of leader Kim Jong Un had been a “great success” that provided “one more means for powerful nuclear attack.” Click here to read more.


Obama sees another foreign policy goal crumble in Syria

The always-fragile truce "may be breaking down," the president acknowledged Thursday while visiting Saudi Arabia. And he still sounded more optimistic than others. Click here to read more.


Close Our Borders to Keep Americans Safe:




Hillary Clinton Campaign Bundler Is Directly Lobbying For Saudi Arabia

A major Hillary Clinton campaign funder is personally lobbying on behalf of an arm of the Saudi government, federal records show. Click here to read more.