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The Statement by President Trump on the Shooting in Parkland, Florida
Read the President's statement on Wednesday's tragic shooting at claimed the lives of 17 people and injured at least 14 others. 

Read about the Secure and Succeed Act
The Secure and Succeed Act Secures the Border, Ends Chain Migration, Cancels the Visa Lottery and Finds a Permanent Solution for DACA.

How CIA Director John Brennan Targeted James Comey
Former CIA director John Brennan is having trouble keeping his Trump-Russia stories straight.

North Korea wins, America loses, with our Olympic appeasement
Opening the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, prominent American media outlets displayed an appeasement mentality in full measure, becoming stenographers for North Korea’s propaganda machine.

Mexican Gang Member Kills Colorado Springs Deputy, Injures Three Others in Shooting
Manuel Zetina struggled with officers after he exited a stolen vehicle and was confronted in the parking lot of an apartment complex Monday afternoon, according to Colorado Springs police. 

Conor Lamb Accused Israel of ‘Terrorism,’ Targeting ‘Innocent Civilians’
Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb wrote in a 2002 post on his college newspaper's website that the Israeli government committed "terrorism" and was intentionally targeting civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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Ronald Moates

This past Saturday, Iran launched its first direct military operation against Israel, dispatching a drone commanded from the Tiyas Airbase in Syria.



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