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Iran Announces New Breach of Nuclear Deal Limits and Threatens Further Violations

The deputy foreign minister said Iran would take additional steps over the limits on uranium enrichment in the accord unless it gets sanctions relief.

Anti-ICE Protestors Pull Down American Flag, Raise Mexico Flag

Protestors at a Colorado ICE facility pulled down the star-spangled banner and flew the Mexican flag in its place.


Britian Says Iranian Vessels Tried to Block Tanker In Gulf 

The British navy said Thursday it stopped three Iranian paramilitary vessels from disrupting the passage of a British oil tanker through the Strait of Hormuz.

TV: IAEA Finds Traces of Radioactive Material at Iran Site Flagged by Netanyahu

10 months after PM identified 'secret atomic warehouse' in Tehran, UN inspectors reportedly conclude that it was indeed used as a nuclear storage facility. 

Pence Meets With Migrants in Detention Facilities at Southern Border


Vice President Mike Pence went to U.S.-Mexico border Friday amid allegations that migrants are being held in squalid conditions. However, he told a story that's different from the one being told by Democrats and some government inspectors.

Veteran of the Week

Nicholas Morris


Retired Lieutenant Nicholas Morris was donated a brand new

home thanks to the work of Homes for our Troops. Nick was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan. He was on a resupply mission when his vehicle struck a pressure plate. Doctors eventually amputated his right leg after months of limb salvage. | FULL STORY


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Veteran of the Week

A good reminder from a great President!