Illegal immigrant accused of raping, impregnating non-verbal 13-year-old girl
An illegal immigrant in Maryland has been accused of raping a non-verbal special needs girl while he was supposed to be babysitting her at her home.

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar Shut Down as Economic Protests Spread
Traders in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar shut their stores to protest rising prices and the weakening of Iran’s currency, official news agencies reported, as Iranian officials took action to allay concerns that an economic crisis was looming.

Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban on some Muslim-majority nations
The US should learn the lesson of Iraq, President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday, threatening to expel American troops from Syria and retake areas from its Kurdish allies. In the interview with RT, the Russian state's international broadcaster, Assad raised the prospect of conflict with US forces if they do not leave Syria. 

Trump will demand Iran will exit the whole of Syria
According to the report, the Americans will place this demand during an up-and-coming meeting between U.S President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin currently set for July 15.

Iran economic protests shut Tehran's Grand Bazaar
Traders at Tehran's Grand Bazaar have taken part in a big protest against rising prices and the plummeting value of Iran's currency, the rial.

Iranians chant ‘Death to Palestine’ at economic protests in Tehran
Demonstrations indicate growing anger at regime's support for regional terror groups at expense of country's troubled economy.


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