Drone War Takes Flight, Raising Stakes in Iran, U.S. Tensions

From the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia to the crowded neighborhoods of Beirut, a drone war has taken flight across the wider Middle East, raising the stakes in the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

CBP Commissioner Calls New Rule a 'Game-Changer' in Fight Against Illegal Immigration

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday that the DHS would be scrapping the court-ordered Flores Agreement, which prohibits children from being held in detention for more than 20 days.

Israel Says it Struck Iranian 'Killer Drone' Sites in Syria

Israel has struck Iranian military sites in Syria to prevent what it said was a pending drone strike by Iran.


Live Ammunition, Petrol Bombs and Water Cannons Mark Violent Escalation in Hong Kong Protests

A Hong Kong police officer fired a live shot into the air after protesters squared off against police armed with water cannons on Sunday night, marking one of the most violent nights of pro-democracy protests seen over the 12 weekends of consecutive protests that have rocked the city.

High-Stakes Gamble: Iranian Envoy Gets Surprise G-7 Invite

A top Iranian official paid an unannounced visit Sunday to the G-7 summit and headed straight to the buildings where leaders of the world’s major democracies have been debating how to handle the country’s nuclear ambitions.


Ernest Rude is the latest veteran to be featured in Secure America Now's veteran recognition program: Home of the Free - Because of the Brave. 

Marilyn Neumann writes that her father, Ernest was a World War II veteran who retired at the rank of Colonel.

Thank you, Ernest, for your service. Click the link to submit your own veteran to be featured! https://www.secureamericanow.org/submit_a_veteran




Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif says that Iran believes that "threat of force is illegal" and abides by the U.N. Charter. Why then are they still the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world? The Iranian government's dishonesty is dangerous for the rest of the world.