National emergency declaration — a legal fight Trump is likely to win

Previous presidents declared 27 national emergencies that were still in effect as of February 1, 2019. Trump declared three national emergencies, which brought that total up to 30.

The Latest: Pence calls on Europe to unite with US on Iran

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is calling for America's European allies to join it in withdrawing from the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal and stop efforts he said are designed to evade U.S. sanctions.

Trump to Jim Acosta: 'Ask the angel moms' if there's a border crisis

President Trump and Jim Acosta clashed again on Friday during a Rose Garden press conference, with Trump telling the CNN White House correspondent to ask the families of those killed by immigrants without legal status if the border crisis was made-up.

The Honor of Elliott Abrams

Three weeks ago, Elliott Abrams returned to government. This was very good news for U.S. foreign policy. He is the State Department’s special representative for Venezuela. And his presence on the public stage has reignited passions about the Reagan administration’s record in Latin America.

Will an increasingly progressive Democratic Party become steadily more anti-Semitic?

According to a Pew survey, in the dispute between the Israelis and Palestinians, only 27 percent of Democrats side with the Jewish state. Almost equal numbers of Democrats side with the Palestinians, and the subset of left-wing Democrats are pro-Palestinian by almost two to one.


Henry Moler is the latest veteran to be featured in Secure America Now's veteran recognition program: Home of the Free - Because of the Brave. 

"He was drafted in 1944 into World War 2 , and also fought in the Korean War . He retired in 1967. 101st Air borne Infantry A true American War Hero."

Thank you, Henry, for your service. Click the link to submit your own veteran to be featured! https://www.secureamericanow.org/submit_a_veteran

We launched a new website this week for you to grade all of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates on National Security!