Over the weekend, The United States and the Taliban signed a historic peace deal in Qatar with the intention of bringing the 18-year long war in Afghanistan to an end. The war is the longest in U.S. history, and through the deal, President Trump is showing his commitment to his campaign promise of bringing home U.S. soldiers from the Middle East. 


While there is much skepticism surrounding the deal and its implementation, one thing is certain: America's longest war has reached a stalemate, and it's time to stop spilling blood and treasure in the Middle East - it's time to bring the troops home!

Here are some fast facts on the historic deal:


  • The United States will quickly move to bring home a large portion of the approximately 13,000 soldiers currently in Afghanistan
  • Roughly 8,000 will stay behind for the time being to ensure conditions of the deal are being met
    • All U.S. Soldiers are to be out of Afghanistan within 14 Months 
  • Nearly 5,000 Taliban members are to be released from Afghan prisons in a prisoner exchange
  • The Taliban must renounce and cut all ties with Al Qaeda
  • The Taliban must prevent extremists from using the country as a staging ground for terror attacks
  • The Taliban must demilitarize and form a legitimate political party with a power-sharing agreement to be worked out with the Afghan government at a later date


While historic in nature, this peace deal is just the first step in a long peace process aimed at bringing together a country ravaged by 18 years of war. Next, the Taliban and the Afghan government will hold talks to establish a power-sharing agreement between the current government and former Taliban government toppled during the U.S. led NATO invasion in the aftermath of the September 11th Terror Attacks.


The United States has spent nearly $1 Trillion and thousands of lives in Afghanistan, it's time to end the stalemate and bring home our brave men and women!


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