The Iran Deal is flawed. It includes an expiration date, paving the way for Iran to develop nuclear weapons in the near future. It lacks American inspectors on the ground and an adequate way to ensure compliance with the deal. And it inadequately addresses the full spectrum of Iran's dangerous foreign affairs. President Trump has given Congress an opportunity to fix the deal and address comprehensively Iran's aggression.

It's time for your senator to act and support the Corker-Cotton bill. This piece of legislation would:

  • Amend the Iran Deal to not include a sunset policy and expand inspections for ensuring compliance.
  • Stop billions of dollars of sanctions relief from flowing to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism.
  • Address the growing threat of Iran's ballistic missile program and their nuclear delivery systems.

SIGN NOW if you support the Corker-Cotton Bill!

It's Time to End the Bad Iran Deal!