The Feds are Funding a Defund the Police Organization 

Each year the Federal Government sends tens of millions of dollars to a non-profit group called the Vera Institute of Justice. The Vera Institute wishes to defund the police and dismantle the criminal justice system. A large amount of funding the Vera Institute receives from the federal government is used to represent illegal aliens and refugees seeking entry into the U.S. Crime rates, drug seizures, and immigrant encounters have reached all time highs over the past few months under the Biden Administration. The Federal Government continues to ignore the ongoing border crisis in America, and spend their time and money on defunding those who protect our country and our people. Here is a list of resources that are needed at the southern border which could easily be purchased with the money the government is giving the Vera Institute. 


Border Patrol Agents

 Border Patrol Agent | U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The men and women protecting the border are overwhelmed with the influx of illegal immigrants and could use some reinforcements. With the money the government has given to the Vera Institute, they could have hired more agents. 


Remote video surveillance cameras 

CBP's Autonomous Surveillance Towers Declared a Program of Record along the  Southwest Border | U.S. Customs and Border Protection

You can't be everywhere all at once, that is just as true for our border protection agents as it is for us. Remote video surveillance cameras help monitor the border and give real time data that can be used for rapid response. 

Border wall 

ACLU Border Rights Center and Partners Release Report on Devastating Impact  of Trump's Wall - Southern Border Communities Coalition

Obviously, a border wall would help at least slow down, if not stop the massive influx of illegal aliens pouring over the border. Instead of funding "defund the police" organizations like the Vera Institute, the government could have put that money toward more border wall. 

Ground sensors

Trump's Border Wall Could Be Invisible: Pathfinder could be the future of  surveillance at the southern border. - Southern Border Communities Coalition

Ground sensors act as a sort of electronic trip-wire that let's border agents know when someone is crossing a certain boundary. Along with remote surveillance cameras, ground sensors cast an invisible net that allow border agents to go where they are needed immediately. 


Border security workers miss paychecks because of shutdown over border  security - Los Angeles Times

Besides being used for aerial reconnaissance, helicopters allow for rapid transport across vast expanses of the Southern Border. Humanitarian rescue missions this year have transported many illegal migrants who have collapsed from dehydration in the desert after being abandoned by smugglers. While not the cheapest vehicle, they're not nearly as expensive as the price tag on social justice activists at the Vera Institute. 


Border patrol drones can detect armed subjects and intercept wireless  signals, documents show - The Verge

Drones can be rapidly deployed for reconnaissance when something like a helicopter would be too big and take too much time to start up. When catching a smuggler or human trafficker comes down to tracking them across large areas with tall brush, drones have proven unmatched. 

The federal government willingly throws tens of millions of dollars at non-profit organization that supports 'defund the police' and dismantling the criminal justice system, but refuses spend money taking action on securing our borders. Our Border patrol and ICE agents are struggling to protect our borders with the influx of people and lack of resources. The federal government could make a big impact on securing our borders if they would spend their money wisely. Instead, they are controlled by the Left who support open border policies that lead to high crime, drug smugglers, sex traffickers, gang members, and illegal immigrants flowing into our country.