After almost two years of the horrible Iran Deal, Secretary Tillerson has the opportunity to destroy this bad deal by not re-certifying it on July 18th.

In April, President Trump’s Administration notified Congress that the U.S. would be continuing the sanctions relief extended to Iran based upon the promise to cut its nuclear programs. Even though this promise was not kept, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the administration would undergo a complete 90-day review of the agreement. That time is up on July 18. In his statement, Tillerson even said, “Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods.”

During the 2016 campaign for President, President Trump said the Iran Deal was the “worst deal ever negotiated” and he promised to get a better deal. This disastrous deal offered Iran $150 billion in sanctions relief and backs off of nuclear site inspections. Companies around the world are beginning to do business with the radical mullahs in Iran giving them access to billions of more dollars. Now, Secretary Tillerson has the opportunity to end this disastrous deal that threatens America and its allies!

Iran continues to cheat by testing ballistic missiles, continues to sponsor terrorism around the world, and cannot be trusted! President Trump promised to destroy this horrendous deal and it’s time for him to follow through on this campaign promise!

SIGN NOW to tell Secretary Tillerson to destroy the dangerous Iran Deal!

Tell Secretary Tillerson to End the Bad Iran Deal!