Support Our Police

Our officers put their lives on the line every day in order to serve their communities. Secure America Now is calling on elected officials and policymakers to stand with our first responders who risk their lives to protect and defend ours.
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Secure America Now is launching a new website, Stand With Our Police, an initiative honoring our law enforcement officers. This new website highlights the hard work our police officers do every single day.

Recently, police officers have been portrayed poorly and incorrectly in the media. On top of the negative attention in the press, the NFL has refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys honor the assassinated officers. With this new microsite, Secure America Now is standing with our police, promoting the truth about the hard work and sacrifice our law enforcement officers give to their communities every day.

This new microsite, allows users to educate themselves about the positive impacts law enforcement officers have on our community, as well as submit their own messages about law enforcement. Users are encouraged to submit a thank you or their own story about their experience with police officers.

Below is a link to the Stand With Our Police microsite. Secure America Now thanks law enforcement officers for their sacrifice, and encourages users to thank them as well.

Website Link: