For years, North Korea has been the world's largest threat to start a Nuclear War. Now in 2018, President Trump is set to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in what would be an unprecedented peace opportunity.

Here is a timeline showing how we got where we are with North Korea:


  1. 1945 Korea divided between the Soviet Union (North) and the United States (South)

    At the end of World War II, Korea was divided between the Soviet Union in the North and the United States in the South. The boundary between the two was established along the 38th parallel, what is today known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Since the divide, the North has become a brutal regime that oppresses its own people and the South has become one of the most advanced countries in the world.


  2. 1950-1953 Korean War

    The war began on June 25th, 1950 when Communist North Korea invaded Democratic South Korea following a series of clashes along the border. The United Nations, with the United States came to the aid of South Korea to rebuke the Communist aggression and violence from the North. The Korean War was a bloody war, but thanks to the U.S. military South Korea’s independence was preserved, and the violent North Koreans were beaten back.


  3. 1993 Bill Clinton’s strikes deal with North Korea that soon fails

    Former President Bill Clinton went behind the Senate’s back and agreed to a deal with North Korea. The deal promised the easing up of sanctions, money, and resources in exchange for promises from North Korea that they would abandon aspects of their nuclear program. In reality, North Korea continued to expand its nuclear program and Bill Clinton’s deal was a tremendous failure.

  4. 1998 U.S. invoked sanctions against North Korea and Pakistan for secret 1997 missile deal

    Since the 1970s, Pakistan and North Korea have cooperated extensively on the development of ballistic missile and nuclear weapons technologies to spread terror around the world. North Korea also has disturbing connections with countries like Iran and Syria. North Korea has shared nuclear technology with the terrorists in Iran and has contributed to the destabilization of the Middle East.

  5. 2005 North Korea said it successfully created and tested nuclear weapons

    North Korea officially announces that it has created nuclear weapons making it one of the largest threats to world peace. North Korean leaders begin to increase their hostile rhetoric towards South Korea and the United States while threatening nuclear war!

  6. 2008 North Korea launched long-range rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead

    North Korea's arsenal includes ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Recently, North Korea tested a new ballistic missile capable of targeting the entire continental United States. This makes North Korea a serious threat to our national security. It is essential that we prevent them from being able to target the United States and our allies.

  7. 2012 President Obama's Negotiating Tactics with North Korea Fail

    President Obama tried to push Pyongyang to the negotiating table with sanctions. But Kim Jong-un scrapped a final deal that would have halted North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and allowed in international inspections. President Obama failed to take  a strong enough stance against North Korea, and his poor leadership only increased North Korean aggression.

  8. April 2018 Peace summit between North and South Korea. 

    Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to set foot in South Korean-controlled territory, starting a historic summit meeting with South Korean President Moon. This summit was seen as a preliminary event for a future meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.


  1. June 2018 Peace Summit Between Trump and North Korea

    President Trump is set to meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, later this month to discuss denuclearization and steps towards peace. President Trump has succeeded where a long line of other leaders have failed. He took steps to show North Korea that the United States will not tolerate its blatant aggression, and now North Korea is willing to come to the table.