Secure America Now Stands with Trump Against the Iran Deal

October 4, 2017 - Secure America Now launches a six-figure targeted campaign, focusing on President Trump’s preferred platform-of-choice: Twitter, to show the President that the American people support his decision to tear up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly known as the Nuclear Deal with Iran.

Standing against a minority chorus of establishment politicians, Secure America Now’s grassroots army of 4.8 million advocates and base of 132 million Americans will show President Trump that he has the support of the American people to decertify the Iran Deal.

Secure America Now chose social media platforms as part of a holistic digital campaign because of their effective and compiling advertising options that allow our supporters to bypass the left-biased media. Twitter, as a foundational component, is key to allowing Americans the ability to cut through the clutter and show the majority support ending of the Iran Deal.

“It is clear that the Iran Deal is dangerous for our country. The U.S. can’t even conduct any inspections. There is no new deal, there is no compliance. The only option is for President Trump to fulfill his campaign promise and rip up the Iran Deal,” said Secure America Now President Allen Roth.

Besides Iran’s noncompliance, their continued support of terror groups, like Hamas the most lethal offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, have proven the deal is dangerous for the United States and our allies. No U.S. inspections of nuclear sites are even allowed under the current deal. Staying in the Iran deal means being compliant towards Iran’s network of terrorism and weakens our ability to protect our country. These are the views held by the majority of Americans and those that will be expressed in Secure America Now’s advertising campaign.

President Trump has been vocal on the dangers of the Iran Deal and is willing to act to protect our country. Secure America Now is here to show that the majority of Americans support ending the Iran Deal and to not let the Administration be hijacked by a vocal minority of establishment politicians.


Secure America Now is the largest, grassroots national security focused advocacy group in the country. With 4.8 million advocates, we seek to educate, informate, and activate our supporters concerning the most vital threats to our security.

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