An incredible display took place at Dallas' Love Field airport today.

The remains of Col. Roy Knight Jr., who was shot down over Vietnam in 1967 and whose remains were only recently recovered, returned home.

A stunned and speechless crowd of air travelers watched as the flight carrying Col. Knight's remains taxied onto the tarmac, where it was greeted by a salute from water cannons. 


When Col. Knight left for Vietnam, his 5 year old son waved him goodbye. Today, that some son piloted the plane which brought his father home after over 50 years away. After taxiing, Col. Knight's casket was unloaded where it was carried by a military guard.

In the constant noise and chaos of our daily lives it is sometimes difficult to pause and take notice of the more important things going on around us. Today, Dallas Love Field paused momentarily in respect to Col. Knight, who had come home. 



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