Our Focus

Fighting to Keep Our Nation Secure

Sign here if you stop North Korea

North Korea is racing towards a nuclear weapon, which threatens global stability! The rogue nation cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear arms, and Communist China must do its part in forcing them to abandon their ways.

Sign here if you stand with our Law Enforcement

Politicians across America are threatening to defund police departments as crime skyrockets in their cities. Americans want law & order in their streets and need the police to get it done. Police officers have also become the target of violence from criminals that get special treatment. Americans must stand up for those willing to protect and serve! 

Sign here if you stand with Israel

Israel is America's strongest strategic ally in the Middle East. The only democracy in the region, our two countries also share deep bonds based on morals and values. Israel is under constant attack from Iran and their proxy terrorist groups that wish to wipe it off the map. 

Sign here if you want to build the wall

A country must have secure borders! Border patrol agents and experts agree unanimously, the wall is an important tool for agents to control the flow of illegal immigration and keep our country safe. It's politicians in Washington, who have never stepped foot on our southern border, who claim a wall is 'racist' and 'unnecessary'.

Sign here if you want to fight radical Islamic terrorism

Radical Islamic Terrorism is a threat to the United States and the entire free world, and we are committed to using every avenue at our disposal to stop them.

Sign here if you support stopping Iran's aggression

Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism and is responsible for death and destruction throughout the Middle East. They constantly pledge to destroy our country and our allies, and are in the process of building nuclear weapons to do just that.

Sign here if you are a proud American

The radical left is ashamed of the United States and everything our flag represents, and the next generation of Americans are in danger of being poisoned by this ideology. America is the greatest country on earth! A shining example of democracy and a beacon of hope for the world to see, we will always be proud of this country, our history, and our heritage.

Sign here if you want to defend Border Patrol & ICE Agents

Border Patrol & ICE Agents are on the frontline of defense, keeping our country safe from criminal illegal aliens, gang members, and drugs that are coming into our country and infecting our communities.

Sign here if you believe we should hold China accountable

From the very beginning, the Communist Chinese leadership has lied to the world time and time again about Covid-19. Their actions have led to almost 2 million deaths and the destruction of livelihoods of countless more millions of people in nearly every country in the world. The free world is suffering while China has refused to accept blame countless times.

Sign here if you want to counter the Biden administration

As President, Joe Biden has begun to enact a radical agenda on behalf of the far left, implementing an open border immigration policy, engaging in talks with Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism, and much more.  If you're a proud American who wants to help us stand up to the Biden administration and its radical agenda, we could use your immediate support.