Syria's Red Line

Obama threatened to punish Syrian leader Bashar Assad if he deployed chemical weapons until it was shown he did. Then he refused to take action against him, showing that the threat was empty.  This lack of enforcing his “red line’ cost all his credibility on enforcing his policies.


Toppling Gaddafi

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was a stabilizing force, proven by the lack of stability since Obama and Hillary decided to topple him. This action allowed ISIS to grow and flourish throughout the middle east, eventually becoming the force they are today.


Bringing in Potential Terrorists

The president set out a goal to allow a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees and potential terrorists to enter the U.S. Then he went so far as to expedite the screening process, further endangering Americans. This mistake could needlessly put American lives at risk.



Not submitting a plan for ISIS

On February 18, President Obama missed the congressionally mandated deadline to submit a plan to defeat ISIS. This showcased to the nation his unwillingness to tackle terrorism head-on.



Refusing to Say, "Radical Islamic Terror"

In addition to not confronting ISIS, Obama refuses to say the words, “radical Islamic terrorism.” Not identifying the enemy makes it impossible to take steps to defeat them.



The Bad Iran Deal

Obama’s bad Iran deal was supposed to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. It’s unenforceable, as it doesn’t allow American inspectors to oversee nuclear plants. It also puts billions of dollars into the hands of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. A bad thing to have as a legacy.