At the age of 59, Lt Col Ruth Reece, USAFR, deployed to Balad AB, Iraq, in 2007 as Chief Nurse of the Casualty Center. All casualties sufficiently serious for shipment out of the country to the US processed through her unit. Their job was to stabilize critically injured patients for air evacuation and load them on the planes. At one point during that tour, she worked 28 consecutive 12-14 hour night shifts without a day off. For security purposes, most casualty evacuation flight operations took place during those night shifts, averaging nearly 1500 per month throughout her tour. She celebrated her 60th birthday less than a month after her rotation home. As a result of her 24/7 exposure to the toxic smoke of the Ballad open burn pit, she has experienced three separate incidents of different types of cancer and a brain tumor. She has beaten them all and now enjoys her life as a retired Grandma.



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Thank You, Ruth, for your service


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