1. The bad Iran Deal gives Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, billions of dollars in sanctions relief. Iran can then turn around and funnel that money into lethal terror groups around the world, such as Hamas, endangering the United States and our allies. 

  2. The bad Iran Deal doesn't allow the United States to inspect Iran's military sites, making it impossible for us to know whether or not Iran is following the rules of the deal. Recently, Iran denied Trump's request to inspect specific military sites. 

  3. Despite the bad Iran Deal requiring Iran to stop their nuclear enrichments, Iran continues to test ballistic missiles, deliberately disobeying the stipulations of this horrible deal. 

  4. Like the 1994 deal with North Korea, this dangerous deal with Iran will not prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran and North Korea both have programs working to develop intercontinental missiles, and have launched rockets of the same design.

  5. Iran openly threatens the United States by chanting "death to America" in its streets. On top of directly threatening the United States, Iran also directly threatens our closest allies, like Israel. Iran continues to smuggle and place weapons and rockets on Israel's border by utilizing the terrorist organization Hezbollah to threaten Israel's existence.