According to a recent poll of likely voters conducted by pollster John McLaughlin on behalf of Secure America Now, Americans believe the impeachment is based on politics, not legality, and would rather Democrats in Congress focus on working with the President on the important issues facing our country.

See the Results:

  • 59% of voters, including 52% of women, would rather Democrats focus on working together with President Trump and Republicans to solve problems.
  • Only 36% of voters think impeachment is for legal reasons, as opposed to 52% who see it as purely political
  • By a margin of 47% - 33%, Americans believe President Trump is Justified in not cooperating with the Democrats' partisan impeachment inquiry


While Congress is utterly consumed in a partisan battle over a phony impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump is hard at work for the American people. ISIS has been decimated, our border is being secured, Iran is reeling, and our ally Israel is stronger than ever. We are hard at work on the front lines, battling the radical liberal mob's impeachment hoax. Will you donate $5 to aid in our efforts?



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