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How is the Clinton Foundation Dangerous to Our National Security?


The Clinton Foundation was founded in 2001 after Bill Clinton left the presidency. The foundation focuses on climate change, empowering women, economic development, and global health. The organization has been repeatedly criticized for taking money from foreign donors in exchange for access to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Recent email leaks have shown that the Clinton Foundation’s ties to foreign governments are deeper than anyone thought, endangering our national security.


Here are some of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton and her foundation are a threat to our national security:


1. Hillary Clinton Allowed Russia to Buy 20% of America’s Uranium Deposits


As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton sat on the commission and allowed the Russians to take control of 20% of America’s uranium supply, while the Clinton Foundation continued to receive donations from people affiliated with Uranium One. Frank Giustra, a Canadian billionaire, has donated more than $100 million to the Clinton Foundation. During a trip in 2005 with Bill Clinton, Giustra acquired uranium mines in Kazakhstan and eventually formed the company Uranium One. Rosatom, a Russian state-owned energy company, began purchasing large stakes within Uranium One. An American government commission had to approve the sale of Uranium One to the Russian company Rosatom because the sale gave the Russians control over one-fifth of all uranium production in the U.S. Hillary Clinton approved the sale of 1/5 of America's uranium to Russia, and the Clinton Foundation received millions.



2. The Clinton Foundation and Foreign Donors


During her time as Secretary of State, the majority of countries that donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation also saw an increase in their arms exports.17 of the 20 nations that donated to the foundation received allowances from the State Department to export weapons. According to the State Department records, these countries gave between $54 and $141 million to the Clinton Foundation. It would seem that in return, they received $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales.Ironically, the consequences of these actions undoubtedly enhanced the military power of several countries with long standing histories as human rights abusers. Nations including Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar all donated to the Clinton Foundation, and gained State Department clearance to buy caches of American-made weapons even as the department singled them out for a range of alleged ills, from corruption to restrictions on civil liberties to violent crackdowns against political opponents. These examples demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Clinton led State Department, and show how Clinton has contributed to the instability of the Middle East and the World.



3. Carelessness with Sensitive Information


Clinton and her staff have engaged in deception and have shown extreme negligence when handling classified and or sensitive information. Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and her email scandal are evidence enough of her gross negligence, and she has also made head scratching personnel selections based upon nothing short of cronyism. Clinton invited one of her largest donors, a Chicago Securities Trader, to sit in on a sensitive government advisory board. Members of this board also included nuclear scientists, former cabinet secretaries and members of Congress to advise Hillary Clinton on the use of tactical nuclear weapons and on other crucial arms control issues.Clinton’s donor had no obvious experience or reason to be included in this esteemed group - he was simply there on Clinton’s whim.



4. The Clinton Foundation and American Arms Dealers


Several of the defense contractors that donated to the Clinton Foundation were contracted by the Pentagon to complete more than $163 billion in projects while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.The corruption within the State Department goes far beyond their dealings with other nations - they also engaged in questionable exchanges with American defense contractors.  These deals were authorized by none other than the Clinton lead State Department between 2009 and 2012.



5. Disturbing Connections between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s Staff


There is an ongoing pattern in which Hillary Clinton’s top staff, even at the State Department, have given preference to Clinton Foundation donors. Since she became Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has adamantly claimed that she has abstained from taking an active role in or with the foundation, but this has in no way impeded other state department officials from having contact with the Clinton Foundation staff. An example of this occurred in 2009 when Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, Hillary’s chief of staff, helped to connect Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury with a “person of substance” in the State Department. All of this, of course, occurred after Chagoury’s close friends had donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.



Hillary Clinton and her family’s Clinton Foundation have a documented history of shady deals with even shadier foreign governments, individuals, and companies. The American people should be concerned about electing a leader who is willing to sell out the security of the American people in exchange for millions of dollars.


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