The invisible enemy isn't going to stop the progress on our souther border wall. In fact, foreign threats like these are just more evidence of the importance for stronger national security. So, let's build the wall, and you can help, with the Build The Wall Board Game!

Just because you're stuck at home, doesn't mean you have to watch TV reruns or the same movie over-and-over again. Secure America Now has the solution to your boredom that will keep the whole family entertained. 


1. Print It Out

Click on the Build The Wall Board Game link and simply print out the page. 

Click here >>

2. Cut It Out

Use the map as the board and cut out the game pieces and cards along the dotted lines. 

3. Choose Your Piece

Shuffle the game cards and flip them over, then choose which game piece you want to play as.

4. Build the Wall!

Starting in California, each player draws 1 card per turn. First one to complete the wall to Texas wins!

President Donald Trump announced his intentions to temporarily suspend immigration into the U.S. during this coronavirus pandemic. The Department of Homeland Security is currently drafting the plan. President Trump needs your support!

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