As we see the mainstream media and the radical mob try to erase American history and tear down our values, it can be refreshing to escape to TV shows that still tell the stories of our brave heroes and our great nation. Here are the top 13 best patriotic TV series to stream right now!


Turn - Netflix

AMC series that takes us behind the scenes of the American Revolution and into the cryptic world of double agents, covert operations, and code-breaking. We are immersed in the dramatic and action-filled events that surround the Culper Ring, George Washington's band of spies that were integral to gaining American independence and formed the basis for modern espionage.


Band of Brothers - HBO

An epic HBO miniseries based on interviews, diaries, and letters of the men of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army, that takes place during WWII and on the beaches of Normandy in 10 touching and expertly-produced episodes. 


Medal of Honor - Netflix

An anthology docudrama series that recreates the lives and accomplishments of courageous Medal of Honor recipients. Each episode focuses on the story of one hero, who earned the Medal of Honor through bravery in combat. It honors both posthumous and still-living recipients of this esteemed military accomplishment.


Five Came Back - Netflix

A critically acclaimed, original documentary miniseries, based off of the novel that tells the story of five legendary Hollywood filmmakers who enlisted in the Army to serve their country and document World War II.


The Pacific - HBO

A docudrama series from the same team behind the critically acclaimed Band of Brothers, it tells the story of United States Marines in World War II, from their time fighting at iconic locations in the Pacific Theater such as Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.


Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Amazon Video

A drama based off Tom Clancy's novels that focuses on the adventures of Jack Ryan, an ex-Marine and CIA agent who fights terrorists.


John Adams - HBO

A dramatic miniseries that chronicles the life of John Adams, from the Bottom Massacre, to his role as Ambassador in Europe, to being the United States' vice president and second president.



The stories of the struggles of new Navy SEALS who have each others' backs as they engage in high-stakes missions and defend the nation from evil. 


The Unit - Hulu

The stories of covert special forces operatives who travel all around the globe for secret undercover missions to protect the country.


24 - Hulu

The action-packed missions of Jack Bauer, who fights terrorism in this show where every season is exactly one day in length, and every episode is one hour of real time.


The Last Ship - Hulu

A TNT series directed by Michael Bay and based off the novel of the same name, in which the world population is destroyed and humanity's last hope for survival rests in the hands of those aboard the USS Nathan James, captained by Tom Chandler.


Mail Call - Amazon Video

Retired staff sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and host R. Lee Ermey answers questions and the military and treats the show as if he's a drill instructor.


Six - Hulu

Tells the stories of Navy SEAL Team Six who, while hunting for a Taliban leader in Afghanistan, undergo many complicated twists to their plans. Written by a military special operations veteran.

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