8 Facts You didn't Know about Terrorism in the U.K.

The Henry Jackson Society released a study on Islamic terrorism in the United Kingdom. The study revealed several important facts about the dangers of Islamic terrorism and how it can spread to Western nations. The report identifies and profiles all Islamism-inspired terrorism convictions and suicide attacks in the UK between 1998 and 2015 in order to provide detailed information and statistical analysis on the manifestation and development of the threat to British national security. 


1. 76% of the attackers in the U.K. were previously known to the authorities or tagged as potential threats


2. 93% of terrorist attacks were committed by men



3. 26% had criminal convictions on their record


4. 44% were directly linked to outside terrorist organizations like ISIS



5. 22% actually attended terrorist training camps


6. Only 44% of the attackers were employed


7. The majority of the terrorists (55%) lived at home with parents and family


8. Perhaps most shocking of all  - 72% were British nationals



Click here to see a map and timeline of many of the crimes and attacks committed by Middle Eastern migrants.