The American people need leaders they can trust. Michael Bennet's record on national security is dangerous for those that live in the U.S. Take a look at Bennet's national security failures below.


1. He supports closing down Guantanamo Bay.

He voted for Obama's plan to move the world's most dangerous terrorists to American soil, specifically Colorado.



2. He supported giving Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief through the bad Iran deal. 

Bennet voted for Obama's disastrous deal that gives Iran access to $150 billion dollars in sanctions relief, part of which John Kerry admitted would go to terrorist organizations. 



3. He supports bringing Syrian refugees and potential terrorists to America.

Despite ISIS' claims that they will pose as refugees, Bennet is in favor of bringing thousands of Syrian refugees and potential terrorists to the U.S. He even voted against toughening screening regulations. This lack of judgement is dangerous for Coloradans and Americans at large.



4. He supports Hillary Clinton's disastrous national security record.   

Not many people have a more disastrous record on national security than Clinton. This didn't keep Bennet from endorsing her and endangering Americans.



5. Isn't for stopping Iran from testing missiles.

Since Obama's bad Iran deal was made, Iran has been testing ballistic missiles. This blatant act against America hasn't changed Bennet or the Obama administration's mind on giving Iran access to nuclear weapons.



Michael Bennet has shown time and time again that he cannot be trusted to keep Americans safe. Donate now to make sure that national security is kept at the forefront this political season.