Some might say that Voter ID laws are racist, claiming them to be “The New Jim Crow”,  when they simply are not. You need an ID for many conventional things such as driving a car, opening a bank account, buying alcohol, applying for a mortgage, boarding a plane, and many other situations. So, how is requiring an ID when voting any different? This Narrative does not add up when you look at all the black leaders who support voter ID. 


1. Burgess Owens

Burgess Owens, a Republican U.S. Representative from Utah, stated,

What I find extremely offensive is the narrative from the left that Black people are not smart enough, not educated enough, not desirous enough of education to do what every other culture and race does in this country: Get an ID"


2. Jim Clyburn

Jim Clyburn, Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina, said he is

“always for voter ID” 


3. Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer Carroll, former Lt. Governor of Florida, recently came out in support of voter ID laws as a part of a coalition of black leaders who said,

“it’s clear that most blacks support voter ID”


4. Ken Blackwell

Ken Blackwell is a former Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Republican party member said,

“claiming state voting reforms are racist is ridiculous”

and that he should know.


5. Raphael Warnock

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock has claimed that he has

“never been opposed”

to voter ID laws.


Despite the media’s narrative, it is clear that both black democrats and black republicans support voter ID laws. These laws are not racist, and requiring a photo ID at the polls is no different than showing one to buy alcohol.