The United States Government wastes billions of taxpayer dollars every single year. For just a small fraction of what is wasted, President Donald Trump could build the much-needed border wall along the southern border to secure our country. Instead, the Democrats in Congress are blocking his $5 Billion request, and will instead waste the money on things like:

1. Improper Medicare Payouts: $48,000,000,000

In 2019 Medicare paid out over $48 BILLION worth of improper payments. For this amount, Donald Trump could have built a wall around the entire United States.

2. Abandoned Mental Health Facilities: $2,120,040,355 

The United States Government spent over $2 Billion in 2019 redeveloping an abandoned mental health facility into a new headquarters for the Department of Homeland Services. The total cost of the project is expected to exceed $4 Billion over a decade.

3. Unnecessary Printing: $930,000,000

The government does a lot of unnecessary printing, in fact, they spent nearly $1 Billion printing documents that were never read.


4. Vacant Buildings: $175,000,000

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs spent $175 Million maintaining buildings that are totally vacant and haven't been used in years. Money that could have been well spent towards the wall, or you know...helping veterans.


5.Google Scholar study in Hawaii: $51,722,107

In 2019 the United States Government spent nearly $50 Million funding a study run by Google Scholars in Hawaii. The big discovery? The government likes to waste money.

6. Ghost Clinics: $35,000,000

The government paid millions of dollars to 118 “phantom” medical clinics. These were clinics, established by a network of criminals, that never actually existed. They may have been fake clinics, but the government paid out real money...and a lot of it.


7. European Parliamentary Strengthening: $2,600,000

The U.S. has spent over $2.5 million on “parliamentary strengthening” in Eastern Europe. We taught them how to balance a budget and follow democratic procedures, something a Youtube video could have done.


8. The Worst Super Bowl Commercial Ever: $2,500,000

The U.S. Census Bureau bought a 30-second spot (one of the most expensive TV slots) to air a commercial that was so terribly produced, it was banned and never saw the light of day.


9. Neon Light Museum: $1,800,000

As if Las Vegas didn't have enough lights, the government spent almost $2 million to create a museum of neon lights in Sin City. That doesn't seem like the brightest idea.


10. Zoo Poetry : $1,000,000

$1 Million was paid out to zoos in Little Rock, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and Chicago with the intent of using poetry to “increase environmental awareness” among Americans. The only thing it made us aware of is how much the government wastes!


Watch Border Patrol Council Chief, Agent Brandon Judd explain why walls work!



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