National Security Poll - 2/22/17

John Chavez
Pat Bliss
Mark Foster
Ed Davis
Naomi Hassler
Donna Willey
Jean Summers
Marilyn Kinsell
Mary Thom
Serena Kovalik
Herbert Staretz
Anthony Mcnair
Mary Bachmann walker
Brenda Hobbs
Richard Van fleet
Tim Schofield
Robert French
Corey Smith
Mehrdad Dastouri
Jeremy Wright
Joan Fowler
Dale Flyberg
Doreen Malecha
Rob and martha Langford
Francine Anton
Robert g Hedenberg jr
Werner Mc christy
Joyce Green
Joe Billion
Michael Dalton

McLaughlin and Associates conducted a poll of 1,000 American voters on behalf of Secure America Now.

The President's job rating is now a net positive with the majority of voters approving, 51% to 44% disapprove. On February 6th, it was 48% approve to 48% disapprove. This is a net increase of +7%