Catherine Cortez Masto supports President Obama's bad Iranian nuclear deal. This deal is dangerous for America and puts our children at risk. 


This bad deal has no Americans on the ground to verify Iran is abiding, provides Iran with a pathway to nuclear weapons in a decade, and gives Iran hundreds of billions of dollars to continue funding terrorists around the world.


Despite Obama's own State Department listing Iran as the number one state sponsor of terror for two years in a row, he agreed to deliver $400 million dollars in cash to the Iranian regime in exchange for captured American prisoners. Not only does Iran capture our soldiers, commandeer our boats, launches missiles against our troops, but they also routinely chant "death to America" and burn the American flag in the streets.


We should be restoring and increasing sanctions against the radical Iranian regime, not supporting a dangerous nuclear Iran like Catherine Cortez Masto wants. It's time to stand up against her continuing the failed national security policies of the Obama Administration.

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