Pittinger: Iran Nuclear Inspections "A Farce"





WASHINGTON – This morning on SiriusXM, host Tim Farley asked Congressman Robert Pittenger if it was a good idea to seek a nuclear deal with Iran:


“A deal that provides unfettered...

Weekly Security Review - May 17th

Five Iranian boats fire shots in the Persian Gulf

On Thursday, Iran continued to show their true colors by firing shots at a Singapore shipping vessel transiting in international waters. Qhat does the U.S. think will happen to international shipping routes of Iran is allowed nuclear power? Read the...

May 3rd Weekly Security Review

Focus on North Korea to stop Iran 

North Korea already possesses 20 nuclear warheads, which could double in 2016. Their close relationship with Iran is cause for concern, given negotiations over giving Iran a nuclear deal. Read the full article here.


Exclusive - Britain told U.N....

North Korea already possesses 20 nuclear warheads, which could double in 2016.......">

04/22/15 Fox News Poll: Obama “too soft” in negotiating with Iran, deal won’t work


More voters than not think President Barack Obama is giving away too much in the nuclear talks with Iran -- and that it’s pointless to make a deal with Iran anyway. So it’s unsurprising that approval of the president’s handling of Iran hits a record low in...

Why Access to Iranian Military Sites Matters in a Long-Term Deal

By Christopher Coughlin

We have heard many assertions by Iranian officials since the P5+1/Iran framework was reached that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors will not be allowed into military sites in Iran. The blanket assertion seems to suggest that this could be the case even when the IAEA has...

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