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  • Latest Poll: Over 90% of Americans Concerned about Terror Threat at Borders

    A new national poll sponsored by Secure America Now reveals that 91.1% of Americans are concerned about terrorists crossing our borders into the United States. Over 70% of Americans also believe the Obama administration should refuse to allow Iran's UN Ambassador and known terrorist Hamid Aboutalebi from entering the United States.

  • VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz on Not Allowing Terrorists to Enter the US as UN Ambassadors

  • Biden Bestow's Citizenship on illegals

    Joe Biden believes all illegal aliens are American citizens. We don't. Citizenship is a legal privilege that must be earned. Bestowing citizenship on illegals must be stopped.
  • Obama's Fear

    President Obama told reporters in Belgium that has great fear is that terrorists will set off a nuclear device in New York. If he is telling the truth why is he assisting Iran in developing nuclear weapons? As he has lifted sanctions on Iran the mullahs continue their nuclear weapons program.
  • Is Obama Surrendering the internet?

    The United States built and has managed the architecture of the internet. But late Friday night the Obama Administration announced it was ending its role in governing the use of the internet. Instead an international body, possibly the UN, will take full control. Americans can only be hurt if this change goes through. The system works, why change it?
  • Watch the Video: Ambassador Bolton's Clarity

    Yesterday, Secure America Now's Advisory Board Member John Bolton delivered a compelling national security address. We applaud Ambassador Bolton's clarity and encourage you to watch his remarks.

  • Obama Thinks Iran Is A Partner and Israel Needs to be Pressured

    In a long interview, with Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg News, Barack Obama clarifies his positions on critical foreign policy issues. He believes that a partnership with Iran is in the works, he gives no indication he will stop Iran from going nuclear, and he threatens Israel with doom if they don't give Palestinian terrorists what they want.
  • Veterans Administration Shafts Veterans

    Veterans who requested medical exams from the Veterans Administration (VA)and did not receive them got shafted a second time when the VA destroyed the records that they had made these requests. Over 2,000 requests were not filled each month for seven years according to a Daily Caller story. There is audio evidence that the head of the program Dr. Suzie El-Saden ordered the destruction of the evidence to \"clear up\" the back log.
  • LISTEN :: Bill Siegel Takes A Look at Iran's Constitution & Its Aggressive Agenda

    Listen to this revealing interview. Bill Siegel, author of The Control Factor, convincingly argues that to understand the aggressive agenda of the Iranians, we should pay attention to their Constitution. Siegel shares with us the words and deeds of the terrorist regime in Iran. The interviewer is John Batchelor.

  • How Unprepared Is The Navy?

    The Wall Street Journal reports that it took the U.S. Navy four months to purge Iranian hackers from one of its large computer networks. Will anyone be held responsible for this dangerous shortcoming?