Terror in Paris: What We Know

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On April 20, terror broke out on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Here's what we know so far. 

Two days before the attack in Paris, on April 18, two terror suspects were arrested in Marseille, France. Police found an arsenal of weapons and bomb-making equipment in an apartment, along with an ISIS flag.

The first round of the French presidential election is on April 23.

At 8:37pm on April 20, reports surfaced that police officers were shot on the famous Champs-Elysees in Paris, France by a suspect using a "war weapon." Police officer Xavier Jugele, 37, was killed, and the attacker was also killed. Two other police officers were seriously wounded.


The suspect drove to the scene in a van, which was found abandoned after the attack.

The suspect is Karim Cheurfi, a French national. He was known to French security services, and anti-terrorism prosecutors have opened an investigation of the attack in Paris. Cheurfi had been jailed in 2001 for shooting at police but was released in 2016, even though he was under preliminary investigation for terrorism. 

French Interior Ministry Spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said the police have the name for the gunman and it matched the suspect.

Security forces have searched the dead gunman's home in eastern Paris.

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a second suspect who arrived from Belgium by train.

The French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and President Hollande held an emergency meeting.

President Hollande says police are convinced that the attack was "terrorist in nature."

ISIS Claim

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attack.

ISIS claimed that the terrorist was a soldier of the Islamic State named Abu Yousif al-Beljiki (a Belgian). 

According to sources, Karim Cheurfi had recently been detained for questioning in a police station outside Paris, after "informants" had indicated that he was "seeking to obtain weapons to kill policemen." 


More information to follow... 




We imagined a world in which radical Islam has taken over France. Today's terror attack reminds us that terrorists will go to any length to kill those that they hate.