5 Reasons the Alliance between the United States and Israel is Important

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The nation of Israel is one of the United Sates' most important allies, and the Israeli and American people share a special bond that contributes to the alliance. Here are 5 reasons why the United States is Israel's strongest supporter.


1. Israel and the United States share a love for democracy, and Israel is the only true defender of free government and equality in the region.


2. Israel fully cooperates with the U.S. military to eliminate threats to world peace and U.S. / Israel national security.


3. The two countries share intelligence on terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and Middle Eastern politics.


4. The two governments work together to develop sophisticated military technology, such as the David's Sling, the Arrow missile defense system, and the Iron Dome defense system.


5.  Israel is a "start-up nation" and Israeli businesses are leading the world in technological innovation and ideas. U.S. and Israeli firms work closely together to develop the newest inventions that make life easier for people all over the world.


Now that you understand why it is important for the U.S. to support Israel, click here to take our poll and vote whether or not you support moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.